Shares Trading

Trade CFDs on shares of some of the largest and most popular companies around the world.

Trade CFDs on thousands of global shares and benefit from ultra-fast order execution and competitive trading conditions. Trading shares means that you’re speculating on share price movements without taking direct ownership.

What you need to know about shares

A share is a type of security, that allows an investor to own a part of a company with the right to vote on management issues and to receive profit based on the results of the corporate work.

Shares are divided into two main types.

Ordinary Shares

Securities give its owner the right to take part in management, as well as to participate in the distribution of dividends. The supreme governing body of an issuer company is the general meeting of shareholders, decisions at which are taken by voting. An owner of one share has one vote at the meeting. Naturally, the holder of 1000 shares will have much more authority than the holder of, for example, 100 papers.

Preferred Shares

This type of a share guarantees holders an advantage in the distribution of the corporate profits. Dividends are paid first to the holders of preferred shares, and then to the owners of ordinary ones. The same applies to the recovery of losses in an event of bankruptcy. But at the same time, owners of preferred securities are deprived of the right to vote at the shareholder meetings.

Online trading

Stock trading begins with research into finding a broker.

In most developed countries, equity investments are used by people as tools to protect and increase their own savings, so these investments are widely available to anyone. Some prefer to invest money in stocks of reliable companies that show stable growth and pay dividends. Other investors prefer to buy shares online to get involved in speculation: looking for potentially undervalued securities, buying them cheap and selling them later at a higher price. But both of these investment directions take place in their country and are the driving force of the national economy.

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