Futures Trading

Trade CFDs on Futures from around the world and explore endless trading opportunities.

Futures are contracts that enable traders to lock in the current market price, without exchanging the asset until a predetermined future date, its a popular investmest method for traders because it allows to trade on a range of commodities, indices and energy.

What are Futures Trading?

Futures are financial contracts for the specific asset to be bought or sold at a set time in the future. The final price level is determined by both parties, a buyer and a seller, and is known as the forward price. The specified date of the future payment is known as the expiration date.

Trade on the price fluctuations of a wide range of assets: commodities, indices and energy. If investors make a forecast about the quotes increase, they open a Buy position on the trading platform. If they think the chart will move down, they make an online order to Sell. Start trading futures with FxPro to diversify your investor account!

Benefits of Trading Futures

  • Take your capital further with leverage
  • Access a huge range of markets
  • Capitalise on rising and falling prices
  • Hedge existing exposure
  • Get better execution with our deep internal liquidity

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